pyfirebirdsql Installation Guide


pyfirebirdsql requires a valid combination of the dependencies in the list below.

Detailed instructions on how to install each dependency are beyond the scope of this document; consult the dependency distributor for installation instructions.

Satisfying the dependencies is not difficult! For mainstream operating systems – including Windows , Macosx and Linux – easily installable binary distributions are available for all of pyfirebirdsql’s dependencies (see the download links below).

  1. Operating System - one of:

    • Windows (32/64)
    • Linux Any Cpu
    • FreeBSD
    • Macosx
    • Other Unix or Unix-like operating system
  2. Firebird 2.1 or later server version installation [download here] (Firebird client is not necessary to connect to a server)

  3. Python [download here] 2.6 or later (including Python 3.x) It was tested with cpython , ironpython and pypy

How to install

Install by pip

pip install firebirdsql

Installation from FreeBSD ports collection

FreeBSD has it’s port now:

# cd /usr/ports/databases/py-firebirdsql/
# make install clean

Installation from source distribution

Shortcut for the Experienced and Impatient:

(decompress pyfirebirdsql into *temp_dir*)
cd *temp_dir*
python install
python -c "import firebirdsql"
(delete *temp_dir*)

Then hit the Usage Guide.

Test your pyfirebirdsql installation

pyfirebirdsql has an extensive test suite, but it is not really intended for routine public use.

To verify that pyfirebirdsql is installed properly, switch to a directory other than the temporary directory into which you decompressed the source distribution (to avoid conflict between the copy of firebirdsql in that directory and the copy placed under the standard Python site-packages directory), then verify the importability of your pyfirebirdsql installation by issuing the following command:

python -c "import firebirdsql as fb; print fb.__version__"

If the import attempt does not encounter any errors and the version number is what you expected, you are finished. Next, consider reading the pyfirebirdsql Usage Guide.

You should not encounter any errors at this stage since you have already completed the installation steps successfully. If you do, please report them to the firebird-python support list.